STS-107 Caramba log 7 - Tying Up Loose Ends

The STS-107 crew is now isolated from all except approved individuals. Crew photos titled "The Untouchables" abound around Johnson Space Center to raise the awareness of those with colds, flu, etc. At dinner each crewmember is given food in measured and packaged quantities as required for the physiological experiments and observations to be carried out during the mission. Sleep shifting of the blue team, Wilie McCool, Dave Brown and Ilan Ramon, is underway. Ten thousand watts of lighting power is used to crush each crewmember's Houston-based circadian rhythym (wake-sleep cycle) and reset it as required for the mission. The blue team has the most difficuilt adjustment to make as their circadian rhythm must be fully shifted forward eight hours.

Johnson Space Center STS-107 mission personnel are addressing final issues and the center itself is adorned with bunting, mission patches, and signs counting down to launch. At Kennedy Space Center "Columbia" has been rolled out to the pad. Final reviews of shuttle status are underway in both Houston and Florida. Anticipation of finally making it to orbit is gradually increasing among the crewmembers, especially since the mission has been delayed time and again for various reasons.

After reaching Kennedy Space Center a few days prior to launch, Rick Husband and Willie McCool, STS-107 Commander and Pilot, respectively, will make a few more practice approaches at the shuttle landing strip in the Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA) prior to launch. Besides final prelaunch preparations, crewmembers and adult family members share meals at astronaut crew quarter and spend time together at the beachhouse on Kennedy Space Center.

Finally, on Thursday 16 January 2003, Kennedy Space Center's resident blind alligator, along with eagles, flocks of migratory birds and other creatures ignorant of the impending cataclysm , will be startled from their repose as massive rocket engines transmute chemical energy into kinetic energy and with a crack of thunder hoist "Columbia" into the sky.

J P Harrison

The foregoing are the personal observations of Jean-Pierre Harrison and do not constitute an official statement or endorsement by NASA or any NASA employee or contractor.

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