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From: Christopher Kiczek


Just wanted to get IG's spin on what is going on in the States. Why are they asking 100s of dollars to meet the band??

What's that all about? Greed? Bruce Payne? Whose idea was that? I can't wait to hear the spin on this one.

Is it lets jump on the American fans time why not European, Australian or Asian fans?

Christopher(a very disappointed American fan)

Hello Christopher,

First of all we don't do spin here.

There's no need to be nasty - if you ask a question I'll do my best to answer it honestly; as promised when we dumped our Caramba guestbook a long time ago because of the uncivilised postings that dominated the pages.

If your preconceived answers to your own questions are challenged then so be it.

To put that into perspective - and before I reply - here's another letter I have received...

Hi there,

First off, please forgive me if this e-mail turns into a "rant", but I wanted to vent, and let you know what my opinion is...

I happen to be one of "those" people who opted for the "Platinum Tickets" and I couldn't be more excited!! I'll be seeing DP on the 2nd of September in Reno, and I can't wait to get the chance to meet the band, nd go backstage. Only 54 days left! (yes, I'm counting the days! LOL)

I wanted to share my excitement with EVERYONE, so I posted over on the Deep Purple Fan Forum...and the reaction I got there was totally unexpected. There is one poster, a "Mr. Snip" who reacted as if I had shot the Pope or something. He said that I was "ruining it" for the true fans. (Like somehow I wasn't one for buying the tickets). He even went as far as to say that he hoped that I was disappointed!

Now I know that you've received an e-mail from him, (at least he said he sent one), and I just wanted let you know that there ARE differing opinions about these "tickets".

You see, though I've met Steve and Roger and gotten their autographs, I've never "met" the rest of the band OR gone backstage! And going backstage...even if it's just long enough to tell Ian what a great singer I think he is...has been a life long dream.

Well, in 54 days my dream will be fullfilled!!! I just don't understand why ANYONE would wish me ill, I just want to meet the band!

Anyway, that's about it...thanks for letting me "bend" your ear.

Warmest Regards,
Rich Franz...

So, in reply to your question Christopher, there are in fact just twenty-five (25) such tickets being offered at only ten (10) of the U.S. dates.

You will of course have noticed that meeting the band is only part of a much larger package; you actually get a good seat and some other stuff too.

This is not our idea - it was proposed by an American company - but of course we had to approve it as did the many other acts that have adopted it so far. There are very special reasons for making these kind of things available from time to time; but trust me Christopher none of them are aimed at you.

You do not have to pay a penny more for your ticket, nor will you be deprived of any category of ticket that you desire.

Also, like everybody else you only have to ask politely to get a backstage invitation, or - more to the point - get on the short list; as you can imagine we start to struggle when we get more than fifty in a room back there after the concert.

We have large numbers of fans travelling from continent to continent - sometimes making the most extraordinary efforts to catch a string of shows in a short period of time during their vacation - which has been devoted to Deep Purple. Many of them have asked about this sort of feature as a highlight of their trip and as a guarantee that they'll get seats after a long journey - not arriving early enough at the venue to get in any queue; until now this has not been on offer.

Then, of course, wherever possible and often on their home turf we get the chance to invite them along with their friends, offering them free tickets and VIP passes. This particular initiative has been put forward by our manager Bruce Payne, who is by the way a kind and thoughtful man as well as being a first class manager.

I'm sorry you're disappointed, what can I say - we do our best.

Cheers, ig

From: Rick Goodwin

In an article about Pavarotti Adam Sweeting says:

"Pavarotti and Friends has produced countless "pull the other leg" moments such as Deep Purple's Ian Gillan singing Nessun Dorma (not easy when you sound like a plumber with emphysema)"

You should punch him.
Best Wishes
Rick Goodwin

[...such unwarranted sniping at Pavarotti, who has, in fact, a very fine voice as well as ig - steve / ed ]

Hello Rick,

Thanks for your letter and interesting suggestion regarding the 'piece' in The Guardian. Coming home to snide shots like this is nothing new to me and is indeed part of the joy of being English.

In the English magazine 'Disc' in February 1970, a venomous Judy Sims wrote 'Thank goodness the group (DP) are not 'serious' about rock music: I can't bear pretension when it's based on limited talent...'

So you see, it just doesn't matter what is written by the 'tragically hip'; nobody - apart from the weak minded - takes any real notice of them.

However - for your continued amusement - we shall be putting this pulchritudinous piece of poop up on Caramba in the WDWTWA section.

Cheers, ig

From: Anton Poutvinsky

Hello !

My name is Anton Poutvinsky i want to ask you some questions. Please answer me, because It really means a lot to me.

First of all I want to say thank you for all happiness that you gave to me with your music throughall these years. I saw you once in your first concert in Moscow - it was the best show i ever seen in my life (and I saw a lot). I want to say that because of you and Deep Purple I made myself a singer in a rockīnīroll band "Free Falling" in Costa Rica. It really means a lot to me...I hope that my questions wonīt seem to you naive and stupid, so youīll answer them.

  1. What person or moment in your life was that influenced or affected you most, like a singer and a person?

  2. Some people say that: "the artist is the person who canīt not be it..." I play in a professional rock band, Iīm young (22 years old), but I want to ask you what helped you, or what gave you strengths to be in the music for so long...? Sometimes I feel that thereīs no ExiT... That in this life thereīs only money that matters for people who are with me...How to survive this?

  3. The other question is about singing... You sing all your life... How did you kept your voice in all this crazy buzz life full of concerts... I studied singing , i practiced a lot, but when you have concerts every day itīs a hard stuff... I know you smoke, me too - thereīs too many stress and stuff... How to survive if you have every day concerts and no time for rest?

  4. Is there any chance to see you here in Costa Rica?

I really hope that you will answer my question It matters to me, It really does...

Believe in Love, cause this is the only good thing that humanity have...

Hello Anton,

Thanks for your letter and questions.
  1. There were many influences upon my life. Two of the most important were my Uncle Ivor - artist and musician, and the young Elvis Presley.

  2. Just enjoy the music, it's as simple as that. The rest of it - money, fame etc. - comes and goes, some good some bad, but if you have music then those experiences will be useful.

  3. I always believed that the more you did something the more natural it became. Stress is controllable. It's only what you allow it to be. It's quite different to shock and disaster. I don't smoke very much - only when I drink.

  4. I am hoping to visit Costa Rica soon on a private visit, Roger Glover is there as I type this. Hopefully we can swing by with the band before too long.

Cheers, ig

From: Helga Hotlips


I'm Helga, I understand from your song at the concert that you can do many things with your tongue. I can twirl mine around and almost stick it in my nose, but I'm still practising. ['s the raw talent out there that always amazes me - steve / ed]

Helga Hotlips

Hello Helga,

I think you must be referring to the 'cunning linguist' in 'Knocking at your Back Door'.

The 'master of many tongues' upon who's list Nancy is placed before she eases gently from her Austin to her Bentley - both nice chaps by the way.

I wish you lots of lick, keep at it; you never know where you might end up.

Please keep us informed of your progress.

Cheers, ig

From: Angus Shepherd

Hello Ian !

Bit of a wierd question, really. I am of a similar age to you (I'm 55) and I am also a singer. My band has been going for nearly 30 years but is not quite as successful as yours. Recently my voice had been suffering, possibly due to the amount of fags I smoke and the beer I consume. Moving around the stage had become laboured and the women had stopped throwing their smalls at me . I saw my doc who suggested a course of colonic therapy. Cynical old codger that I am, I was somewhat doubtful that it would help, but I booked a course of 3 treatments.

I won't go into the ins and outs (pardon the pun) of the procedure but the results were fantastic. I lost a stone in weight, I feel like a 20 year old and can now leap around on stage like I did 20 years ago! I swear my vocal range has improved as well. Even better, I am getting lots of female attention again. The rest of my band are amazed at the change in me and are considering giving it a go themselves. Ah yes - my question - do you partake in any sort of holistic therapies or herbal remedies to keep you looking and performing so fantastically while you are on tour? Or would you consider a colonic if you haven't tried one already?

Hope to see you here in Wales when you tour in November. Thanks for reading my drivel! Regards to you and the rest of the band,

A Shepherd, UpperRamsBottom, Wales

Hello A Shepherd,

Thank you for your kind words and timely advice.

I claim patient privilege with regard to my medical details and mental condition...however...

It is an amazing coincidence that your Princess of Wales once had a course of colonic irrigation - her words - and swore that it was most efficacious; so if you avoid Paris you could be in the charts soon.

Cheers, ig

[Would semi-colonic irrigation be any cheaper and can you be less punctual for the appointment? - steve / ed]

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