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releases 'One Eye To Morocco' - the first studio album with all new material in 10 years from Ian - released on the new edel imprint earMUSIC .

Click here for Ian talking about 'One Eye To Morocco' and to get the full track listing. Click on the photos for even bigger ones.

Have you noticed how the bigger the resolution you've got on your screen the smaller things appear? Lesson there for us all somewhere, probably. Steve/Ed.

'One Eye To Morocco' is released in four formats: CD, Limited Edition CD, 12" Vinyl and gatefold 7" Single (featuring two exclusive tracks as well as the full album on CD).

Click on the above image to go to more photos from the 'One Eye To Morocco' photo sessions.

buying links

Buying links

out now  European release OUT NOW

UK release date: OUT NOW


Limited Edition CD

12" Vinyl

Limited Edition CD

US release date: OUT NOW