The 2006 Gillan's Inn tour was a ten thousand mile pub crawl with band and crew living in one bus and which started in Buffalo New York on August 16, wound through the north east, mid west, through Canada, down the west coast, east, then north a bit, and ended September 21 in Medina, Minnesota.

Live In Anaheim catches us about three quarters of the way through the tour, give or take, and the band was tight as hell. Not only was it a treat for me to revisit some old GilIan band tracks and to put a new spin on some older Purple stuff as well, we also got to play a few songs that have never been played live before this tour, including "Wasted Sunsets" and "Not Responsible" from Purple's Perfect Strangers, and "Bluesy Blue Sea" from my Magic album.

So come on in, grab yourself a pint and crank up this f&#k off rock and roll disc, of which I am very proud to say is actually fully authorized and endorsed by yours truly, unlike much of the unauthorized crap you've been served over the years.

Cheers for now,