~ the complete lyrics ~

Gillan Glover - Accidentally On Purpose


She Took My Breath Away

(Gillan, Glover)

Alone in a crowd
Talking at him but looking at her much too loud
I could not think what to say
One word in my ear from her lips
Could lead me astray
She took my breath away

Hello what's going on
Unanswered questions confusing my words
Which later I stumble upon
In a room painted green
Quite clearly she was not what she seemed
But she was what she wanted to be
She took my breath away

And now there was no doubt
With eyes like a laser that sliced me in two
Her primitive signals upon me
Her secret was out
Well I know it's gonna pass
She may be no more than a sigh in the night
The rhythm of danger can't dance alone
Whatever the reason it never was mine
I saw, I felt, my life
Was going too fast, ah, at last
She took my breath away…
She took my soul
She took my breath away…