~ the complete lyrics ~

Gillan Glover - Accidentally On Purpose


I Thought No

(Gillan, Glover)

…And then she came through the door
Her high heels clackin' on the floor
I was pissed I was blue
I had nothing better to do
I had to know what was going on
Is this a natural born blonde

She gave the game away
The way she crossed her legs
I was a gambling man
But too proud to beg
Something told me it was time to go
But then again I thought no

It didn't take more than a minute
She blew me right away
It didn't last more than an hour
When she told me it was time to pay
My investigations came to a sudden end
When she introduced me to a friend

I don't exaggerate
But he was nine foot four
And he banged my head
Before he slammed the door
I thought was this his way of saying hello
But my black eye thought no