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Gillan Glover - Accidentally On Purpose


Evil Eye

(Gillan, Glover)

Evil woman got a spell on me
She gives me pain and misery
She don't sell fish and she don't sell meat
Don't sell nothin' out on the street
She just goes ooh, ooh,

This old lady got eleven eyes
Every one is a different size
No matter what I do no matter where I do it
She got an evil eye that can see right through it
Me and my mamma got a bad shibumi
You can tell by the way she do she do me
Mojo magic poison snakebite
Black cat bone at the stroke of midnight
When she go ooh, ooh,

She touch my soul and I start to shake
She put her mojo on my face
Baby, baby, baby,
Don't you know that it drive me crazy
When you go ooh, ooh,