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Deep Purple - Abandon


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(Gillan, Glover, Lord, Morse, Paice)

Flying through the night
In a beat up wagon
With a mike stand up my jacksy
Give me a beer
I'll stand on a chair
And slip into something sexy

Black Cat Woolwich
The Tiger's Head
The Café des Artistes
The Revolution
And the Bag O'Nails
I'll see you down the Speak'

Your Ma said you slept real good
In your food last night
But you couldn't hold it down
And you broke up
A damn good fight
Ligging at the Old Marquee
Spinning Jack a line
Even he knew better than me
In sixty nine

Sixty nine, sixty nine,
Sixty nine, sixty nine

On the road to Paradiso
Back on your heads
Got to pay some dues
Rugged look down
As the Thames swallowed
His life at the Boathouse, Kew

Hot girls, Cheap TV
no AC,
Gotta sleep on the floor
Hallelujah what's a roadie
Hush my baby sleep no more