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9 - Feet Tree, Coca Cola Display Cabinet Review, A Private Message for Caramba's Translators, Home For Xmas

CTV Competition
With David Attenborough-like élan our intrepid, and indeed it must be said multi-skilled, operative discovers an arboreal rarity and presents a challenge.

Question: Where is this tree to be found?
Prize: The prize is a pair of tickets to a DP concert near you, good for a year.
Or, if DP are not playing anywhere convenient, maybe something out of Ian’s shed.


Coca Cola Display Cabinet Review
Coca Cola Display Cabinet fully tested and reviewed. A new in-depth consumer service from CarambaTV and our itinerant presenter.
We do it so you don't have to.

A Private Message for Caramba's Translators
A very big thank-you to Caramba's intrepid translators.
It is, of course, strictly forbidden for anyone else to view this message.

Xmas Message from Ian.
Ian returns to the expansive comforts of his own home for the festive period.