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3 - Stupid Seagulls, Silly Graffiti, Silly Air Force,
Lugano Under Attack

Stupid Seagulls It is the Editor's contention that the 'Statue of Liberty' has spent too long under the UV lamps in the tanning studio.

Silly Graffiti A bunch of ASBOs? (UK reference). Mind you, it'll no doubt be up on eBay shortly.

Silly Air Force. ...but closer examination revealed the full might of the Swiss Naval Air Arm. They had been so very sure they'd ordered the right size aircraft carrier........ well, at least they didn't have to find the money to pay for flying lessons.

The dogs of war unleashed... one at a time.

Lugano under attack

Lugano under attack. ... shock and awe. Well, mild consternation and disbelief, probably....