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10 - WhoCares Impala Silver Sales Award, Schlindler's Lift,
Garth on Piracy, Rosario Room Service

WhoCares Impala sales award
Thanks to everyone for helping the Gymri music school project.

Schindler's Lift
You are advised that this may go down as well as up.

The issue of piracy has called out no less a legend than Garth himself. Garth lays it on the line and comes to a definitive conclusion.

Garth courtesy of Darren Moreash.

Rosario room service
Years of experience have had their effect on Caramba's roving correspondent, who has learnt to deal with the vagaries of life on the road in varied and innovative ways.

However, are the right lessons being learned? Answers in an email to but remember to write on both sides of the email - Caramba has its finger firmly planted on the hot pulse of the war against waste.