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Black Sabbath - Born Again


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Disturbing the Priest

(Butler, Gillan, Iommi, Ward)

Let's try getting to the sky
Hang on or you're going to die
Sour life can turn sweet
It's lying at your feet
Sweet child with an innocent smile
Watches closely all the while
Don't be fooled when he cries
Keep looking at the eyes

Good life is a contradiction
Because of the crucifixion
If you're ready and have the need
I will take your soul and plant my seed

You just gotta listen to the night at the ending of the day
You just gotta listen to the night as safety slips away
Moving out of sight are the things you need to see to feel
And as they slip away becoming so unreal unreal
You just gotta listen to the night as your going up the stairs
You just gotta listen to the night and don't forget to say your prayers
And as you lose control to the eyes in dark disguise
And icy fingers fan electric lies

We're disturbing the priest
Won't you please come to our feast
Do we mind disturbing the priest
Not at all not at all not in the least

The force of the devil is the darkness the priest has to face
The force of the night will destroy him but not disgrace
To get into his mind and to his soul you gotta set alight
The flames of doubt so deep inside inside
The devil and the priest can't exist if one goes away
It's just like the battle on the sun and the moon
And night and day
The force of the devil that we're all told to fear
Watch out for religion when he get too near, too near