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40 Cats & Dogs

That's why we like dogs. Have something handy to put betwee the traces. We'll all be electric soon; and that will not last long either. Even so there'll be nowt but a few damp anoraks at the passing of the internal combustion engine.

Cunning creatures dogs are. What is it about Man's best friend that makes you want to puke? One little kitty can fight with feral fury against the creeping, snarling, invisible monster of the night and then stroll nonchalantly bleeding into the kitchen for expected food, the next morning.

There'll be no apology nor any craven look. Yon pussy will drag it's torn back and gaping mouth under the stairs to recoup awhile. Then, just as you answer the door to the vicar the cat will leave his left ear on your foot as a quick wipe of affection before he smears off again into the night.

Dogs - pah! I've loved one or two. Cats - never loved a cat, but then one never loved me. Dogs deal in reason, they're not animals. I'm an animal and I eat dogs, but I wouldnae' mess wi' a cat.

On the other hand they probably taste more like chicken than dogs, if you'd call that a good thing. (Steve)

© Ian Gillan 1998

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