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35 Current Affairs - an alecdote

Isn't it interesting that 24 hour news stations never seem to have the time to let anyone with anything interesting to say, say anything interesting.

Experts are cut short, interrupted as they take their first thoughtful breath ....

"er, would you mind keepng your answer short Mr Hannay, we have to move on ... er, I'm sorry I'll have to stop you there"

... and we switch to blithering employees who describe pretty bullets going into the sky, or downgraded tropical breezes, with their mouths run dry.

So many mouths to feed
So many mouths yappin'
   talking crap 'n' making such a noise
It's hard to hear the
   crying wide-eyed do gooders
Vying with foaming fundamentalists
   and massed commentators
All showing such rabid concern
   in their professional
             understated way

Then,a raised eyebrow
And a lowering of 
   the voice of the people
As our hopeless, ridiculously coiffured 
Tempts whining malleables
   over a waterfall of opinion
Untempered by the reason of debate
   and fertilised by the
                  anal offerings
Of fashionable thinking

... and then

is it right to deprive children of disappointment?

How will their psychological immune system be affected with so much mental penicillin at such a tender age.

  If no-one had discovered lead,
would everybody be wondering
  why their erasers had such long handles?

© Ian Gillan 1998

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