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22 The pernicious question.......

"Are you just doing it for the money?" is an interesting line of rhetoric that seems to require a jumble of justifications which serve only to magnify the sneer on the face of the questioner.

Now, if I was a merchant banker or a professional gambler I'd be hard put to deny it, but I do get pangs of unreasonable guilt when I try to defend my position, because it is really my integrity which is being questioned.

There is no doubt that large amounts of money are paid when things are going well, but that money drops off in catastrophic disproportion to outgoings when I fall out of favour ... a regular occurence.

It's nice when I get a big pay-day but I don't make decisions based on the size of the cheque and I have turned down some pretty huge offers over the years. I'm writing this in the first person because everyone has different ideas about income and expenditure but, I must say that Deep Purple has a traditionally sound position in this area.

I think I understand the value of money, as a currency, but I have absolutely no idea of its worth as a commodity. This is what happens to my money...

72.5% goes on commission (32.5%) and tax (40%).

27% goes in fees to accountants and lawyers, mortgage payments, two cars, household and family expenses etc.

The remaining 0.5% I spend on booze and wild living.

© Ian Gillan 1997

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