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2 Pete Robinson

Pete Robinson, the keyboard player, told me of the time he was booked for an Earth, Wind and Fire session. His plane was delayed out of LA and he was late getting into Chicago. "I was a little flustered when I arrived" said Pete, in his impeccably English accent. "I was the only white person in the studio and most embarassingly, hadn't a clue who was Mr Earth, who was Mr Wind and who was Mr Fire" .

"In the corridor I said 'Excuse me' as I edged past the belly of a huge man. Looking up, I gazed into the largest pair of nostrils I've ever seen, which, from my angle completely obscured his eyes. Inexplicably I said 'Nice shades, man'!. As I hurried towards my Hammond organ I heard a distant voice complain......'That's my nose'."

© Ian Gillan 1996

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