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15 Are you Ian Gillan?

I was playing pool in a pub and this guy came across and said "Are you Ian Gillan?"

"Yeah, that's me" I replied, trying to concentrate on my shot.

"Nah" he said and walked away to rejoin his mates.

This caused much amusement to my friends. A few minutes later he came across again.

"Are you really Ian Gillan?"

Attempting to shrug off the first twinges of self-doubt, I politely replied in the affirmative, but he wouldn't have it and drifted off shaking his head. It wasn't long before he was standing by me again and, as he opened his mouth to speak, I said, very quietly, "fuck off". "Wow" he whispered, happy at last, "you really are Ian Gillan".

© Ian Gillan 1996

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