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13 The Tripod

Here's a bizarre cameo.

I was recording in a studio near Wokingham. On a Sunday two of the crew went into town for a lunchtime pint. Two Grahams, one 'from Liverpool' and one 'not from Liverpool'. They stopped on the way to the pub and looked into the window of a camera shop. Remember, it's Sunday and the expensive cameras have been removed from the window display.

"Bloody hell", said Liverpool Graham, "look at the price of that tripod: nine hundred pounds. You'd only pay about sixty quid for that up North."

Quizzical look from the 'other Graham'. "Jesus Christ - four hundred and sixty quid for that poxy little tripod there! That wouldn't fetch more than thirty five in Liverpool. You really pay through the nose down here, don't you?"

The 'not from Liverpool' Graham agreed enthusiastically and gratefully accepted many drinks on account from the anticipated profits as 'Liverpool' Graham warmed to his theme and hatched a plan to buy up all the tripods in the North-West and ship them "Down South".

After all, Sunday trading was rearing its head.

© Ian Gillan 1996

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