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Ian honoured by Armenian Church of America

Ian been named as the 2014 "Friend of the Armenians" by 112th Diocesan Assembly in New York City today 2nd May in recognition of his commitment to the rebuilding of 'The Octet Music School of Gyumri'. Ian feels very honoured indeed to receive the award & is pleased that he has been able to help.
The link to the full article on the Armenian Church of America's website is HERE.

Ian Gillan Facebook pages tops the 100k 'Likes' milestone(*)

Caramba is delighted to report that he Ian Gillan Facebook page run by Monika Schwarz and Ralph Pondman has now more than 100,000 likes. Congratulations.

(*) kilometrestone if you'd prefer.

DFs available here-ish

DF 55 The Ivory Hunter Hunter - April 2014

Yes, you are not mistaken. Well, not this time anyway...we have another DF, hot on the heels of the one from the latter days of March. Such is progress.

Ian's deals with the issue of the poaching of endangered species. Read HERE
. As a Caramba First, we offer you the spectacle of bifocalism, or something... you can now experience the cerebral joy of a new Dear Friends in complete synchrony(*) with a new CarambaTV. (*) possible pointless neologism alert.

The Ivory Hunter Hunter

Ian gives a fair, considered, if slightly firm, response to the
threat facing endangered species.

Brand new CTV archive (if such a statement isn't an oxymoron) can be found here at the CarambaTV Archive.

These days Amazon and the like want to know everything. You can't just order up a severed head these days without them wanting their customer satisfaction ratings completed. Well, King Henry VIII 'Mr Ian Gillan', how did it meet your expectations?

Question: who is this man and what is he doing?

The winner is........ HERE!

Questions that come with answers Answers to almost any question. Not everything answered, we're just mean that way. Think of it as random curmudgeonliness. Cornucopic abundance is here! January 2014




Ian: 3 September Days in Armenia
Mediamax (link.......HERE) took Ian around Armenia during September. For the full cascade of pictures and a short video, visit the Mediamax site, using the aforementioned link. Pics include Ian opening the Gyumri music school, visiting the Spitak Memorial, a performance by The Dorians and a cake.

yes, there's a link HERE as well

Deep Purple "Vincent Price" Official Music Video

A video is born. Vincent Price stalks the flickering frame and someone else also, as it turns out, but all will be explained below. Click HERE. For Wordographic heaven peruse the full wordography set for NOW What?!. This is situated but a short scroll from here.

As musical idea rose from the depths and began to coagulate it was given the working title of 'Vincent Price'; it sounded like the sound track to a horror movie. When Roger and I were tackling the lyrics we started with a list. Something we imagined would be drawn up by the director of a Hammer Horror movie; a list of essential ingredients for any self-respecting Vincent Price movie of the 1960's.

So: Creaking doors, dungeons, rattling chains, howling dogs, dripping blood, vampires, thunder and lightning, sacrificial virgins and zombies to die for, etc.

And there you have it; the lyrics in a casket, manic laughter, fade.

IG saysÖ'It didn't enter my mind to include a pole dancer in the lyrics - silly me.'

Gold Disc @ Wroclaw

Ian receives a Gold Disc for the
sales of Now What?! in Wroclaw,
Poland, given to him by Marcin of
Mystic Records.

Now, he's only got to find out where
in his attic he's got his old 38 inch
disc player stored.


     Now What?! Deutschland

   wordogs are rolling in. Here's everything from NOW What?!, in randomised ig order. Ian on (eventually, probably, who knows) everything - the complete lyrics, in good time.

Buffalo Report

Itís thrilling, the whole lot of it,... Critical acclaim for from the renowned Buffalo Report. Click HERE.

The Parallax Effect On Long Hair

I was surprised to get an invitation to address the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin on 14th December 2012. It caused great hilarity in the band dressing room; Roger actually burst into spontaneous laughter; not sure if it was the cultural or diplomatic bit that set him off. Probably both.

When the director asked for the title and a copy of the speech I told him it would be entitled 'The Parallax Effect on Long Hair' and that it would be off the cuff, so to speak.

Basically it's about perception or how things are viewed differently, depending on where you're standing.

I was a little nervous to start with as it was unscripted and I'd never spoken publicly before, apart from the usual gibberish delivered on stage each night with DP before being gloriously interrupted by a drumist not known for his patience. But I did enjoy it and may do another, one day.



Rhino Poo Alert

RTL (a large TV station) announced the start of the sale for the Deep Purple tour in autumn 2012 in Germany. The message said that this will be the last tour of DP in Germany and therefore the last chance to see them live. what a shock! Is that true??? Is that an official/confirmed statement?

Yawning response from ig: "I must say that is an impressive heap of rhino poo!"

Coffee Kiev
Some things in life should just be simpler


Deep Purple, Ian Gillan, Gillan, Gillan Glover....

Yes, all of them but the usual proviso of 'in due course' applies, of course. Such is the speed of this 'information age' that we could all know everything immediately but where would the fun be in that?

These don't replace the Wordographies, which also continue apace.

Perfect Strangers

'One Eye To Morocco' - the lyrics

Caramba takes the greatest of pleasure in unveiling the complete lyrics for all editions of 'One Eye To Morocco'.

These don't in any way replace the Wordographies, as these are winging their way to your screen at a speed significantly slower than the speed of light.

Go to 'The Complete Lyrics'.

     Another, even bigger fan writes


These biographies may be used by journalists.
This has been updated to include edel's latest biog.
This way for.... biographies.

Deep Purple's official store. Click above.

Deep Purple's official website. Click above.

On sending things in to be signed:

A number of people have over time sent unsolicited stuff into either Ian's or DP's management to be signed and returned. Such things can so easily get mislaid or just simply lost in a very busy organisation, which can be very upsetting for those who have sent their items in. Please don't do this as no-one wants to feel responsible for having lost what can be, for the owner, very precious items. Thanks. Steve/ED.

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Now, who was it who asked the poor old search engine this question: "could you sing burn". Search engines cannot sing. Take a moment and reflect.

And now......"can you sing in far away places". This search engine still cannot sing. This is clearly a failure in some people's evolution........

At least the latter was asking about the search engine's capability whilst the former, clearly somewhere further down the evolutionary ladder, assumed the capability was there...... ed.


Gyumri Music School & WhoCares

Previous material on the Gyumri Music School and WhoCares makes itself available on a separate page, a page accessed by clicking on the above image.

Chopin's Story

Likewise, in an abovewise fashion, everything on Ian and Chopin's Story is available by clicking the above pic in time-honoured fashion.

an occasional series of random pics

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Jon Lord

Jon Lord

Rockpages.gr interview with Ian

"There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for an interview with Ian Gillan! The British singer canít stop surprising you, even if the topic is WhoCares the fund raising project he is handling the vocals, while Tony Iommi, Jon Lord, Nicko McBrain and Jason Newsted fill the rest of the spots. Our talk went beyond the music, and ended up in a rather impressive, and up to date approach about the political situation in Greece, for which the singer seemed completely informed.

Interview by Yiannis Dolas"

Go to the Rockpages.gr interview - HERE


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A collection of various interview links which have appeared on this page. So, in the usual Caramba way of doing things, it's this way for the ...
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